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7 - Single-Stage Treatment of Aseptic Nonunion of the Humerus with Locking Plate Fixation and Autograft
Yavuz Arikan, Baris Ozkul, Yasar Mahsut Dincel, Osman Lapcin, Yunus Emre Akman, Umut Yavuz
  Background: Locking and non-locking compression plates are widely used in different long bone fractures. Biomechanical and controlled studies have reported a higher stability and rate of union with the use of locking plates. Locking plates are safely used also in the treatment of humeral nonunions with varying rates of success.

Aims: The aim of this study was to evaluate the radiological and clinical results of a single-stage surgical treatment with locking compression plates (LCPs) and autologous bone grafting in patients with aseptic nonunion of the humerus.

Study Design: Level of Evidence IV, case control study.

Methods: Twenty-four patients (17 males; mean age: 43.5 years) treated with LCPs and autologous bone grafts due to nonunion following humeral fractures were included in this study. Twelve patients had earlier been treated surgically while the remaining 12 had received non-surgical (conservative) treatment. Six patients had atrophic and 18 had oligotrophic nonunions. Functional evaluation was made using the Constant-Murley scoring system.

Results: The mean follow-up period was 43.6 months. Radiological union was observed in all patients except one (95.8%) in an average period of 18.8 weeks. A mean shortening of 1.8 cm was performed on six patients with atrophic nonunion. Preoperative infection markers and intraoperative cultures were negative for infection. Four patients experienced delayed unions and one patient had transient radial nerve palsy. Ten patients had excellent, 12 had good, and two had fair scores.

Conclusion: The management of humeral nonunions with single-stage surgical intervention performed using LCPs and autologous bone grafts, following adequate debridement, is an effective method with satisfactory radiological and clinical outcomes.
  Autografts, humerus, plating, diaphyseal, fixation
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