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6 - The evaluation of the children who admitted to hospital after mad honey intake
Ramazan Cahit Temizkan, Esra Ülgen Temel, Nefise Arıbaş, Kenan Kocabay
  Objective: The aim of this study is to analyze the demographic characteristics, illness and healing process of mad honey intoxications in Düzce University Medicine Faculty Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department.

Method: Patients admitted to Düzce University Medicine Faculty Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department, because of honey poisoning, between June 2012 and February 2015 were included in this retrospective study. It was planned to evaluate the effects of grayanotoxin intoxication in the pediatric age group. The demographic characteristics of patients, clinical findings and laboratory test results were collected from hospital records. We retrospectively examined records of the vital signs of patients and treatment they receive. Age, sex, toxicologic characteristics, heart rates, systolic and diastolic blood pressures of patients were analyzed.

Results: Four cases were included in this study. The oldest patient was 16, the youngest patient was 2 years old. It was determined that patients had ingested mad honey, the average duration was 1.5 hours, before admitting to the emergency service. Patients’minimum heart rates were 41 to 63 bpm, systolic blood pressures ranged from 71 to 98 mmHg and diastolic blood pressures ranged from 27 to 41 mmHg. None of them had a chronic illness and drug use. Dizziness was observed in all patients. Two patients had bradycardia are quiring atropine were monitored. All patients received intravenous fluids support. Longest hospitalization duration was 4 days who had syncope, bradycardia with hypotension and oldest age of. Mortality and complication were not observed.

Conclusion: Mad honey intoxication should be considered in cases without underlying disease, drug or substance abuse, trauma etc. history and presenting non-specific symptoms such as bradycardia, hypotension, gastrointestinal irritability, especially in the Black Sea region., The safe dose range is not certain so families should be advised to keep their children away from this honey.
  Mad honey, poisoning, children, grayanotoxin
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