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10 - Sclerotherapy and complications in telangiectasia veins
Ali Aycan Kavala, Saygın Türkyılmaz
  Objective: Lower extremity varicose veins are a widespread illness which cause serious losses in the quality of life and workforce. Telangiectasia capillaries are purple-colored enlarged structures formed in venous part of the circulation. They are generally 0.1 to 1 mm. The most efficient treatment of this kind of lesions is sclerotherapy. The goal of the study is to reveal complications of sclerotherapy applied in telangiectasia, and reticular vein and to determine prevention ways.

Materials and Method: A total of 350 patients who were treated due to their varicose veins between February 2016 and January 2017 by sclerotherapy have been involved in the study. In all sclerotherapy procedures, %0.5 polidocanol was used, and 24-hour elastic bandage was applied to all patients after the procedure. All patients received 12 courses of sclerotherpy in one year. During each course, patients were administered 1 vial of 0.5% polidocanol.

Result: Thrombophlebitis was developed in six patients, one of who developed the deep vein thrombosis. Anaphylactic reaction was developed in none of patients. Permenant pigmentatiton was observed in three patients.

Conclusion: Sclerotherapy is one easily applicable treatment method for varicose veins which has low complication risk, and does not require hospitalization. It is primarily a cosmetic procedure, so it is quite important to know about its possible complications and how to handle them.
  Sclerotherapy, complication, telangiectasia, varicose vein
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