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9 - Transabdominal preperitoneal repair for bilateral inguinal hernias: a single center experience
Mustafa Haksal, Nuri Okkabaz, Osman Civil, Metin Kement, Mustafa Oncel
  Aim: To evaluate outcomes of transabdominal preperitoneal repair in patients with bilateral inguinal hernias.

Methods: Sociodemographic data, and data about disease and operation with postoperative data of all patients with bilateral inguinal hernias, who were treated by transabdominal preperitoneal repair were prospectively collected. Patients were followed-up for recurrence and chronic pain in the long-term.

Results: A total of 70 (67 [95.7%] males, mean age was 53.4±13.6 years) cases were included. Total 138 hernias (mostly Nyhus type 3 [n=116; 84.1%]) were repaired in 70 cases. Unilateral inguinal hernia was diagnosed in two cases during the operation. Mean operation time was 80.6±26.5 minutes. Inferior epigastric vein was injured in 2 (1.4%) cases. Parenteral analgesics were required in only 10 (14.3%) patients. Patients were discharged 1.21±0.67 days after the operation, and only 9 (12.8%) cases were hospitalized more than one day. Patients returned work or normal activity 10.5±4.7 days after the surgery. The mean follow-up period was 25.9±19.4 months. Symptomatic recurrence was observed in 2 (1.4%) patients. Six (8.7%) cases had chronic pain.

Conclusion: Transabdominal preperitoneal repair may be an alternative approach in treatment of bilateral inguinal hernias.
  Inguinal hernia, hernia repair, recurrence, laparoscopy
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