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5 - Examination of psychometric characteristics of the nursing image scale among nurse manegers
Handan Kartal, Filiz Kantek
  Objective: The purpose of this study is adaptation Nursing Image Scale that developed by Tzeng based on stereotypes toward nursing to Turkish and examine its psychometric properties. The purpose of this study is to adapt the Nursing Image Scale developed by Tzeng based on the stereotypes of the nurses to the Turkish and to test the psychometric properties.

Methods: The research has been performed on 194 administrator nurse who is employed in nine hospitals. In the adaptation of the scale to the Turkish language; translation and back translation method is used. In the analysis of data; number, percentage, arithmetic mean, content validity analysis (expert opinion Kendall’s W analysis), correlation analysis, explanatory and confirmatory factor analysis, Cronbach alpha coefficient, and t-test analysis are used.

Results: Upon factor analysis, it is found that the scale gathers under 4 factors, KMO value is 0.849 and Barlett’s χ2 value is 1327.248 (p<0.001). It is detected that Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient of the whole sample is 0.742 and for sub aspects of the scale Factor 1 0.779, Factor 2 0.841, Factor 3 0.893 and Factor 4 0.761. These factors were named as angel of mercy, romantic aspects, careerist aspects, obedient aspects. In the confirmatory factor analysis, it is found that χ2= 240.45, df= 113, RMSEA= 0.077, χ2/df= 2.12, p= 000, GF 0.87, AGF is 0.83.

Conclusion: It is detected that Tzeng’s nursing image scale has sufficient validity and reliability to be used for Turkish administrative nurses. It can be suggested nursing image scale use determining administrative nurses’ nursing image perceptions and conduct studies to test its validity and reliability in different groups.
  Nurse, nursing image, validity, reliability, scale adaptation
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