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19 - Adult Still’s disease and nursing care: a case report
Emine Dane, Hayat Yalın, Nermin Olgun
  Adult Still’s Disease (ESD) is a systemic inşammatory disease, first reported by Bywaters in 1971, with the same clinical and laboratory features as the acute systemic onset form of juvenile chronic arthritis. The classic symptoms of the disease are fever, arthritis and typical skin rashes, which are seen in older than 16 years. It is typical of fever rising to 40ºC once or twice a day, often in the morning and evening hours. But subfebrile fever can also be occur during the day. Skin findings are maculopapular, usually seen in the evening hours when the fever is high, disappear quickly and reappear elsewhere the next day. It is most commonly seen in the body and proximal parts of the extremities, more rarely in the neck and in the face. Arthralgia is seen in almost every case, and arthritis occurs in 94% of patients. This case report has been prepared for the represent a patient who diagnosed rare “Adult Still’s disease” and followed in internal medicine clinic, for the purpose of the determining of nursing diagnosis and nursing care plan according to the model of “Daily Life Activities”.
  Adult Still’s disease, model life activities, nursing care
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