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11 - Our experiences of intravenous thrombolytic treatment in acute ischemic stroke
Murat Çabalar, Nilay Taşdemir, Hacı Ali Erdoğan, Vildan Yayla, Nejla Sözer, Sultan Çağırıcı, Hülya Ertaşoğlu Toydemi
  Objective: Our aim was to evaluate the data of the patients who had acute ischemic stroke and to whom we had administered iv r-tPA in our stroke unit.

Materials and Methods: We included 92 patients who had received iv r-tPA after acute ischemic stroke between 2012 and 2016. Demographic and clinical features of the patients, NIHSS and mRS values at the begining and at the end of hospitalization period and at 1st and 3rd month-follow-up, symptom-to-door, door-to-needle, symptom-to-needle times, ASPECT scores and the existance of complications were recorded. A value of p≤0.05 was considered significant.

Results: Ninety-two patients (42 females and 50 males), ranging in age from 33 to 88 years (mean age±SD: 64.98±11.92 years), were evaluated. Mean ASPECT score was 9.62±0.76. The difference regarding the decrease in NIHSS scores recorded at the symptom onset and at the end of hospitalization was significant (p<0.01). There was no significant relationship between NIHSS and mRS scores at the end of hospitalization period and symptom-to-door, door-to-needle, symptom-to-needle times (p>0.05). Intracranial hemorrhage was observed in 22 patients (23.9%) and exitus was recorded in 20 patients (21.7%).

Conclusion: Intravenous r-tPA administration to patients who were admitted to hospital in the first 3 hours after stroke onset has been proven to be beneficial. Multidisiplinary approach with experienced staff may lead to an increase in the success of this treatment.
  Ischemic stroke, tissue plasminogen activator, intravenous
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