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10 - The analysis of patient satisfaction and related factors in Bakirköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital
Ali Demirci, Zilha Öztürk, Sami Hatipoğlu
  Objective: Determine the factors which affect patient satisfaction, associated with patient satisfaction- dissatisfaction, uncover the demographıc characteristics of the inpatient and outpatient in İstanbul Bakırköy Dr Sadi Konuk Educatıon and Research Hospital.

Material and Method: 1440 patients whom included in study admitted our hospital through 15 April 2010-2011, treated inpatient and outpatient. It was applied the outpatient and inpatient satisfaction questionnares, prepared by the Health Ministry about patients’ demograpic infortmation and satisfaction.

Results: Female outpatient group information average were significantly lower than male group (p=0.003). It was observed statisfically significant difference between the outpatıent groups in which not literate, literate, primary school, middle school, high school and university, about pyhsical environment and units average (p=0.002). Significant negative colleration was observed in inpatient between age and physicians scores (p=0.028). Physicians scores decreases if age increases.

Conclusion: This would be make significant contribution fort he health service of Hospitals in Ministry of Helath in performance and quality assessments, developing manageerial decisions and in comparing the activities and efficiency ofhospitals by sustaininig the research and sharing them in scientific environment.
  Patient satisfaction, dissatisfaction, Bakırköy
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