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8 - Public awareness level about the oral contraceptives
Çağlar Helvacıoğlu, Hediye Dağdeviren, Ammar Kanawati, Hüseyin Cengiz, Murat Ekin
  Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the level of awareness of Turkish community regarding the use of oral contraceptives.

Method: The study was conducted at our gynecology clinic between June 2015-September 2015. The study was included 1083 patients who accepted to participate. For collecting data; a form of the questionnaire was used which has given information about the oral contraceptives and status of socio-demographic characteristics of the patients.

Results: Although 72% of the participant had previously heard oral contraceptives, the rate of theose using oral contraceptives was just 10.8%. 27.8% of the participant were hesitant to use oral contraceptives. The most common concern was weight gain with a rate of 40.8%. In addition 72.0% participant reported that; they would not recommend oral contraceptives to another person.

Conclusion: Gynecologists often prescribe oral contraceptives for contraception and gynecological indications. However, our society is hesitant to use oral contraceptives. In this regard, the level of awareness of the community should be increased.
  Oral contraceptives, contraception, family planning
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