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6 - Analysis of benign adnexal masses operated in an education and research hospital
Ayşegül Deregözü, Işıl Uzun, Ayşe Karahasanoğlu, Oğuz Yücel
  Aim: To analysis the patients with benign adnexial masses

Method: 234 patients who were operated for benign adnexial masses were retrospectively evaluated.

Results: The mean age of the patients were 40.68 (raange: 18-94). The most common complaint of the patients was pain (114, 48.7%), followed by vaginal bleeding or menstural disorders (76, 32.4%), and abdominal şoating (44, 18.3%). The most common tumor was the simple serous cyst (58, %24.7); followed by, endometrioma (44, %18.8). While frequency and percentage of masses that evaluated smaller than 5 cm by transvaginal ultrasound was 53 patients (22.6%) and it was 42 patients (17.9%) by vaginal examination.

Conclusion: The benign adnexial masses were most common between 25 and 50 years old group in our sample. Transvaginal ultrasound, physical examination and tumor markers were useful in the pre operative evaluation of the mass. Trans vaginal ultrasound was not found superior to vaginal examination in the prediction of size of the mass.
  Adnexal masses, benign, transvaginal ultrasound, tumor markers, vaginal examination
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