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4 - Investigation of psychological violence behavior for nurses exposed at workplaces
Hatice Tambağ, Rana Can, Rabiye Erenoğlu, Raziye Özbay
  Objective: This study was carried out to determine running nurses workplace psychological violence behaviors compared with the situation, suffering psychological violence behaviors across responses and suffering psychological violence behaviors to reduce or prevent an attempt Mediterranean Region in the center of one university hospitals in the province.

Material and Methods: The sample of this cross-sectional descriptive study consists of 166 nurses who are at least one year and agreed to participate voluntarily in the study. Data was collected by “Workplace Psychologically Violence Behaviors Instrument” and the personal information form.

Results: 29.5% of the nurses (n=49) were 31 years old and over (mean=28.28±6.32), 81.9% (n=136) of them female, and 86.7% (n=144) of them has to be exposed to psychological violence behavior in the workplace. Working department, team working and managers support were found as related variables with nurses exposed to psychological violence.

Conclusion: Approximately, four in every five nurses are exposed to workplace psychological violence behaviors. We recommend planning studies among nurses, to reduce and prevent the workplace psychological violence by increasing awareness.
  Nursing, workplace, psychological violence
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