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10 - Streptococcal shock sydrome after intramuscular injections: case report
Yasemin Tekdöş, Deniz Bilgi, Süleyman Sabaz, Gülay Eren, Zafer Çukurova, Oya Hergünsel, Cem Şimsek
  Local skin infection, streptococcal toxic shock can cause death with multiple organ failure at the start of a septic table. Diabetes mellitus, malignancies, suppression of the immune system tables, excessive use of alcohol, prolonged use of nonsteroidal anti-inşammatory, chronic liver disease are known risk factors. The three cases have applied, the emergency room after intramuscular injection of nonsteroidal anti-inşammatory drug application with the complaint of the extremity rash. They were followed in the intensive care unit due to rapidly progressive infection, toxic shock syndrome, and multiple organ failure. Diffuse crepitan scin necrosis was observated on the local skin lesions. Streptococcus pyogenes was isolated from cultures of skin lesions. While pancytopenia and hypothermia associated with extensive skin necrosis have occured during the course of two cases resulting with mortality, the surviving case had a septic table accompanied by hyperthermia. We would like to share our experience about three cases with streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, in which two of them died because of multiple organ failure and one case with survival, who were followed in the intensive care unit due to toxic shock syndrome after admission to the emergency with local scin lesions.
  Streptococcal toxic shock, local skin infection
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