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8 - Dissociative disorders and simulation on two cases
Esra Alataş, Tonguç Demir Berkol, Süheyla Doğan Bulut
  Counter transference confronts us as an issue that needs further awareness as it plays an important role in every kind of human interaction, and as it was acknowledged as an obstacle against the patient’s right to correct treatment in accordance to his/hers sickness table and needs. Specifically counter transference is faced more frequently when exploitation on treatment team, wasting time and similar negative feelings like dissociative disorders, conversion disorder and personal pathology occur, and it sometimes causes an orientation towards the thought of malingering primarily for the patient. In this article, the problem of countertransference which could be a major problem for all of the medical branches, as an hindrance against the correct treatment will be tried to underline using the two dissociative disorder cases- that is receiving inpatient treatment in a psychiatry clinic.
  Counter transference, dissociative disorders, simulation
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