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Dear colleagues,

We have been preparing to meet a new educational period, and since 2005, we have had a change of management and editorial team in our journal, which was supported by our valuable authors. We will work with you to take our journal to the future with new excitement while thanking those who have contributed to this level by giving labor to our journal before us.

For the time being, Turkish and English articles are accepted; in national and international indexes. Our next goal is to become visible in the PubMed index first and increase the Science Citation Index (SCI) and Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E) indices by increasing the English article rate in our journal. For these, we need to increase the citation rates of the articles in our journal.

Our journal accepts articles in all branches. We would like to remind ourselves that we are expecting to see our valuable work as a Bakırköy Medical Journal in our agenda in the coming days while thanking our mutually rewarding arbitrators who are experts in the field for their support to our magazine.

With our deepest respect and love....

M. Abdussamet Bozkurt
(Associate Professor)
Bakırköy Medical Journal Editor

M. Emin Güneş
(Assistant professor)
Bakırköy Medical Journal Editor / Owner