Case Reports

Two Cases of HIV-Tuberculosis Coinfection

  • Kadriye Kart Yaşar
  • Gönül Şengöz
  • Filiz Yıldırım
  • Özcan Nazlıcan

Received Date: 22.11.2007 Accepted Date: 16.02.2008 Med J Bakirkoy 2008;4(3):115-118

Tuberculosis may have various manifestations in HIV positive patients according to the severity of immunosuppression. Extrapulmonary tuberculosis had a prominent increase during HIV/AIDS pandemic. The most frequent forms of extrapulmonary tuberculosis are lymph node and pleural tuberculosis. Two cases of HIV/AIDS+tuberculosis lymphadenitis are reported to stress on the increase of tuberculosis in HIV positive cases and the frequency of extrapulmonary tuberculosis.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, opportunistic infection