The Effects of Specialized Outpaitent Clinics on Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Service in a Training and Research Hospital


  • Nuri Alper Şahbaz
  • Ahmet Cem Dural
  • Mustafa Gökhan Ünsal
  • Hamit Ahmet Kabuli
  • Sinan Binboğa
  • Alpen Yahya Gümüşoğlu
  • Mehmet Abdussamet Bozkurt
  • Halil Alış

Received Date: 07.10.2017 Accepted Date: 30.10.2017 Med J Bakirkoy 2018;14(4):347-351


Evaluation of patient satisfaction is an important aspect of hospital management. It is crucial to improve quality of service. In our study, we aimed to evaluate the effects of specialized outpatient clinics on patient satisfaction and quality of service at Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital.

Materials and Methods:

A total of 1238 patients were included in our study between January 11, 2016 and February 8, 2016. Patients were applied with 12 questions survey.


88.5% of patients stated that they would recommend our specialized outpatient clinics to other patients and 89.7% would come back again in the future if they need to. Also, as the number of their visits increased, the level of satisfaction also increased (p<0.01).


As in any service, the expectations of the customers (in that case patients) is decisive in the quality of service. As a result, the satisfaction levels are generally accepted as an indicator of service quality. As seen in our results, the specialized outpatient clinic practice has positive effects on both patient satisfaction and quality of service.

Keywords: Specialized outpatient clinics, patient satisfaction, quality of service

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