Reflexology for symptom control in cancer patient


  • Neşe Uysal
  • Sevinç Kutlutürkani

Received Date: 23.05.2015 Accepted Date: 14.01.2016 Med J Bakirkoy 2016;12(3):103-109

In the current practice, the reflexology often appears as one of the complementary and alternative medicine methods. Reflexology is a pressure technique applied by using hands and fingers to reflexion points of hands and feet corresponding to organs and tracts of the whole body. The electrochemical messages revealing with stimulation of nerve points stimulate organs with the help of neurons and reduce stress related to the physical problem to provide relaxation. Refloxology provide help in controlling physical and psychological symptoms of cancer patients. In this review the role and use of reflexology in providing symptom control in cancer patients is discussed.

Keywords: Cancer therapies, symptoms, reflexology, patients