Case Report

Primary Amyloidosis of Bladder: A Rare Cause of Macroscopic Hematuria


  • Doğukan Sökmen
  • Kamil Gökhan Şeker
  • Yusuf Arıkan
  • Bedriye Koyuncu Sökmen
  • Necati Gürbüz
  • Volkan Tuğcu

Received Date: 28.09.2017 Accepted Date: 30.10.2017 Med J Bakirkoy 2018;14(4):443-446

Primary amyloidosis of the bladder is very rare and its etiology is not known. Although gros hematuria and irritative voiding symptoms are seen clinically, the most important one is hematuria. Bladder localized amyloidosis mimics the bladder tumor with its clinical presentation, cystoscopic appearance, and radiological examinations. The definitive diagnosis method is histopathological examination and it is typical for the tissue samples to give Congo red stain apple-green birefringence under polarized light. The gold standard treatment for primary amyloidosis is transurethral resection. As a result, the only treatment of amyloid accumulation in the bladder-like bladder with symptoms whose symptoms resemble tumoral resection is the presence of malignancies, and the patient should be followed up closely after resection.

Keywords: Amyloidosis, hematuria, bladder cancer

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