Evaluation of Violence in the Health with White Code Data


  • Özlem Polat
  • Musa Çırak

Received Date: 18.09.2019 Accepted Date: 30.09.2019 Med J Bakirkoy 2019;15(4):393-398


The aim of this study was to analyze the violence in health in the light of the white code data in a tertiary hospital and to develop solutions and measures to be taken.


Three hundred forty-five white code cases data reported between January 2016 and December 2018 at University of Health Sciences, Bakırkoy Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital were retrospectively analyzed. These reports were evaluated in terms of age, gender, occupational information, department (emergency, ward, outpatient clinic), type of violence (verbal, physical, verbal and physical) and the time at which the event occurred.


Between January 2016 and December 2018, 345 cases of violence were reported through the white code. When these violent events are classified as verbal, physical, verbal and physical, 312 verbal violence, 31 verbal and physical violence and 2 physical violence cases have been reported. In the analysis of 345 violent incidents; 218 (63.18%) female and 127 (36.81) male healthcare workers were exposed to violence. 71.88% (n=248) of those who were exposed to violence were doctors and 20.86% (n=72) were nurses. When we evaluated by departments, it was seen that in the emergency department with the highest density with 42.05% (n=145), 26.66% (n=92) in inpatient services and 23.47% (n=81) in outpatient clinics. The rate of violence in health was 28.4% (n=98) in 2016, 31.88% (n=110) in 2017 and 39.71% (n=137) in 2018 by year. There was a statistically significant difference between age and occupational parameters. When the violence was examined in terms of age, it was found that the mean age of the nurses was lower than the doctors (p<0.001).


According to the white code data, violence in health has been increasing in recent years. Violence against women is twice as high. The most frequent emergency department workers and especially doctors are exposed to violence in health. In order to evaluate the violence in health and to develop solutions, multicenter and more events should be examined in the future.

Keywords: White code data, violence, healthcare workers

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