Case Reports

Anesthetic approach in patient with Ehlers Danlos syndrome: Case report

  • Tamer Kuzucuoğlu
  • Kemal Tural
  • Cihan Kolip
  • Zuhal Arıkan

Received Date: 26.09.2006 Accepted Date: 16.12.2006 Med J Bakirkoy 2007;3(1):29-32

Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS) is a genetically transmitted syndrome characterized by hyperextensibl derma and joints, hypermobility, hypotonia, atrophic scars, fragility in varicose vessels, aneursym and tears in great vessels, diverticulosis in intestinal systems, increased fragility in operation, dental resorbtion. In EDS, there is a disorder in collagene synthesis and structure. General anesthesia is the choice of anesthesia in a patient with EDS for operation. In these patients, precautions must be taken during difficult intubation to avoid trauma during positioning the patient, to make a nontraumatic aspiration. We aimed to present anesthetic management of a patient with EDS.

Keywords: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome,anesthesia, intraoperative complications